5 Reasons To Work At Decathlon

If you’re gonna spend most of your waking hours making a living, you don’t want it to feel like slaving away. So instead of spending every morning thinking “god why…”, have a look at what Decathlon can offer. If this sounds more like a “god yeah!” why not think about joining our team?

1. “Pick a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

This is the core of Decathlon. Passionate about what we do, every time. When you love yoga and helping people, we’re not going to stop you from going to your yoga class at 2:30. Just make sure you come back and help people pick out a good yoga mat! Whether you want to run, cycle or rock climb, we encourage you to spend time exercising and enjoying the sport(s) that you like.

Who are we to stop you from doing what you love?

2. Always have your team by your side

We take time to practice sport together! Want to introduce everyone to your soccer team? Looking for a tennis training partner? We’ll go for a run to explore the area at lunch if that’s your passion. And when we’re working if you need a hand, all you need to do is shout. Teammates work together after all!

3. We encourage you to DARE

You’re not locked doing something that is poorly implemented or pushing something you don’t believe in. If you want something to change or to do something new we won’t hold you back. Just like the easybreath mask or recycling old bikes you can improve your workplace as much as you like.

4. You’ll have your own coach

Decathlon prides itself on being human and relatable.  You won’t have a “boss”, you’ll have a coach who can guide you through what needs to happen. If there’s an issue you’ll know exactly who to talk to instead of finding the head of HR on another floor or in a different store.

Each coach also trains and builds up their own successor. Internal promotion is high on our priority list. As much as possible, we want to benefit our team members first. Blood runs thicker than water, and in Decathlon you’re family.

5. It’s your company

Probably one of the few companies in the world that is family-owned and has a shareholding system with its employees. And no, you don’t have to work in the company for 10 years before you are entitled to buy into the company’s shares. From day 1, our employees are given the option of owning part of the company. It still blows our minds.

So how does that sound? It sounds OK to us! If you’re interested in joining us, why not have a look at the what we might need you to do?

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